• Shaanah Montanna

Dear 2021, Let's Talk About Balance!

That face you make when you need February to come in, sit down, and not touch nothing all month long!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk. 🗣 Let’s talk about BALANCE and this being the year of it for me! Let’s talk about it especially because that’s what life made me do towards the end of 2020 and forced me to realize it’s what I needed most. BALANCE. I was moving at the speed of lighting in so many areas of my life and it's because, to some extent, I thought busy was the "new Black" and it was not! I thought having a full calendar, feeling overworked, and calling it productivity was the move and it was not! I thought listening to my mind when my body was telling me to sit down was the move and it was not! I was doing a lot of moving and shaking until life SHOOK me and made me SIT STILL!

Life forced me to SIT DOWN and make 2021 a year of balance because it’s all I can afford to focus on at this place in my life. BALANCE and BALANCE alone. Balance of love, balance of relationships, balance of spirituality, balance of finances, hell, just a balance of life! And guess what.. if you’re on this page and reading this, you will be along for the ride as well! So, let’s enjoy (while doing the work) this year of balance because I know it’s going to set YOU and me so free.

Now, talk to me 🗣 .... what is it that you need more balance with in your life because we can go through this thang together and I will be updating you all on what that balance looks like for me here on the blog all year long!♥️

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