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Let's Celebrate Singledom!

Updated: May 2, 2020

I recently recorded an episode on celebrating our #Singledom (yeah, I made that word up) and it was one of my most downloaded episodes ever! This came as no surprise to me... I mean I started a whole podcast on relationships and the question I pose to everyone on each episode is for you decide if this single life is for you or not.

I love it, but everyone isn’t me. That said, I think more people should realize that being single isn’t a disease and it comes with a freedom that one may not ever see again once boo’d up!

Now, don’t get me wrong, one of my highest needs in my next relationship will be for me to still feel free even while in the thick of it and I think it’s super important for everyone to really think about that and maybe add it to their standards and requirements list (yes, that list should exist).

To sign up to do life with someone and not have a level of freedom within it sounds like prison for me and I have no desire to see what that life is like just because I’m no longer single.

Make sense? I hope so. Overall, I think people should remove the stigma from the single life and STOP asking people why they are single as if it’s some disease. It’s not. We are okay. We are marked safe. I promise. Scouts honor. Being single is a celebration and it’s a celebration I’ll have everyday until I am ready and somebody’s (healthy) son comes along and changes that.

Yours Truly,

Shaanah Montanna

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