• Shaanah Montanna

It's Our 2 Year Anniversary!!

Can you all believe that we are celebrating TWO WHOLE YEARS of our podcast being created! They say time flies when you're having fun!

I started this podcast in March of 2019 as an outlet and voice for myself and women who had gone through the horror of bad relationships like myself. I felt like I had gotten to a place of self awareness and understanding of what my self worth was and it was only through experience, education, and of course some JESUS who got me there! So, who was I to not spread the gospel and save some souls, like myself, from the heartache and pain that I had been through over and over again? It was not only a right for me, but a responsibility!

While To Be Single or Not To Be was originally created as a tool of empowerment to aid women on their journey of relationships, it has evolved to a place where everyone can be aided and celebrated! The goal every Monday of this show is to help everyone live a better relationship and dating life where they can truly enjoy the loving and healthy relationships that they desire and deserve. I know that so many of us want this. However, it is up to all of us to do the work of being prepared for when your "person" arrives, knowing the role that you play in the success of your relationship, understanding the dynamics of what a relationship truly is, and showing up fully ready and equipped to do the job in the most successful way! So, guess what...this means that tools like this podcast are essential in that journey and we desire for nothing more than you to have the relationship of your dreams with the person you can love forever!

So, take a moment to send a cheers up to us today in honor of our 2 years and celebrating the healthy love we all desire and will receive! We are manifesting it, so it shall be!

Happy Anniversary to "To Be Single or Not To Be"!

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