• Shaanah Montanna


Somebody said you’re single until you’re married and we don’t know how we should feel about that. How we feel probably depends on who is saying it, if it’s a fvckboy, we probably are not listening. Nonetheless, what we do know about and have feelings about is the season of NO MORE BOYFRIENDS. What we mean by no more boyfriends is no longer doing wifey things for a man we are not married to, no longer signing up for these extended “relationships” with no ring in sight, and no longer allowing men whose action say they are boys waste our time. Now, do not get us wrong.

This is not saying that as soon as you meet a guy, he needs to go from friend to fiancé immediately. However, what we are saying is that you need to make sure you have a cohesive plan before going into your next dating situation and that you communicate those wants, needs, and desires that you have for your relationship early and often, before they become your partner, and even louder and more often once you have the commitment.

Now, there is no fool proof plan for making sure they you don’t wind up with somebody’s son who wants to be a boyfriend forever. Nevertheless, we do know that if you take certain steps, listen to your intuition, and tune into Episode 58 of the podcast, your chances of success are much higher than they would have been before! #NOMOREBOYFRIENDS Let’s make this a movement!

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